Uee Plastic Surgery – Refreshing Honesty From After School’s Member

The Korean girl group After School’s member, Uee, is one of the rare celebrities from South Korea who admitted to have plastic surgery. Uee plastic surgery is not based on rumors anymore, since K pop star admitted she used cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty.

Uee confession had an excellent reception among the media since in South Korea almost nobody wants to admit such kind of thing. Her honesty is really refreshing.


Who is Uee?

Kim Yu-Jin or better known as Uee was born on April 9, 1988 in Daegu, South Korea. Since 2009 she has been a member of a girl group called After School, and besides that she is an excellent actress. She starred in several television dramas, such as “Queen Seondeok”, “Jeon Woo-chi”, “Golden Rainbow” and many more.

Even though she wanted to be an actress at first, her music career was somehow always in the spotlight. She also debuted as a singer first. She won numerous awards for music and acting also.

She has an older sister, and she does not like to talk about her private life so much. Below are surgeries Uee is rumored to have.

Eyelid Surgery

Since at first Uee did not want to admit she had any corrections, the only way for people to know was by comparing her before and after photos. The difference in her eyes was unbelievable. Even though Uee has narrow eyes, but when are her old and new photos compared difference can be spotted.

Uee plastic surgery before and after
Uee plastic surgery before and after

Before, her eyes were very narrow, but now they somehow spark and look wider and more open. She did a double lid eye surgery, and her beauty was enchanted with this procedure. This surgery has made her eyes look large and beautiful. The only flaw is the bags beneath eyes, but that could simply be a result of many sleepless nights she stayed up working. Even though Uee only admitted to have made this correction on her face, the media are discussing some other surgeries.

Uee after school

The great thing about this procedure is that Uee admitted she had it. It is very rare for Korean stars to admitthat they had an operation and because of this Uee’s fans fell in love with her even more. Uee said that after confirming her eyelid surgery allegation she received a huge support from the media and family and friends. The best thing, though, is the result of the operation – she now looks better than ever.


Uee admitted she had an eye surgery, but nothing else. People are talking about the possibility of liposuction. It is rumored that she had her excess fat from face removed, and not just from her face, from the stomach too. Before, Uee’s face was round and a bit fat, but now Uee has an almost perfect jaw line and not evens an indication of an excess fat.

Uee plastic surgery picture
Uee plastic surgery picture

As for the tummy goes, her fans admitted that at one point she gained too much weight and it is very possible that she went under the knife to get rid of the fat and regain her sexy look.Uee is one of the rare celebrities who have been asked by her fans to do plastic surgery.

Personal Information

Full name: Kim Yu-Jin
Net worth: unkown
Occupation: Actor, Singer, Model, Rapper, Dancer and the Master of Ceremonies
Nationality: South Korean
Marital status: Single

Uee performing

Uee Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: 101lbs (46 kg)
Measurements: unknown
Bra size: unknown
Shoe Size: unknown
Dress Size: 2
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black

Uee plastic surgery was a huge success, at least her eyelid surgery. She belongs to the group of just a several people who has been asked by fans to go under the knife. She did at one point gained weight, but Uee admits that she has her life back on track.

It is very refreshing fact that Kim Yu-Jin admitted she had a surgery on her eyelids, and because of that Uee made her fan base even bigger. After School’s member became extremely attractive with this procedure and in the end everyone knows that was the whole point.

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