15 Unseen Photos of Kardashians That Are Too Hard to Ignore

A lot is known about the Kardashians, basically due to their reality show that has been airing for quit a long time. However, even if you have exposed a great deal about you to the public, there are still certain aspects that you would love to keep private and hidden.

This is however a pretty herculean task as with the internet, you can hardly erase an embarrassing video or pic as someone somewhere has probably saved it and will upload it at his or her own time. This is exactly the case with the Kardashians.

There are some photos that they would never want you to see, however, like any other, they are out doing rounds on the internet and everywhere else.

1. Kim too casual… and too revealing

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 1

Celebrities are known to wear clothes that are a little too much revealing. Even though it is nothing uncommon, Kim appeared for this function somewhat too casual and for this particular event, she was too revealing.

2. Kim crying herself ugly

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 2

Kim is pictured crying during a particular episode of their show. Her pose is pretty ugly and is certainly why the Kardashians would not like the photo doing rounds.

3. Kim and Ray sex tape

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 3

This is a photo that is taken from the infamous sex tape in which she is recorded with Ray-J. Although it was handy in her rise to fame and stardom, she certainly would not like having it being seen around anymore.

4. Kim and the sun tan

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 4

Kim appears to have lay in the sun for a little too long. In this photo, she has tan and the lines, probably from her sunglasses are also quite visible. She has some rather funny look.

5. Tight leg wears

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 5

It is common for the feet to swell when one is pregnant. Kim was not left behind when she was pregnant with baby North. In this photo, she is pictured walking down the street with sandals that she must have had quite a struggle slipping her feet into. Her feet look like they are going to blow and is probably why they would like to keep this photo hidden.

6. Photos of the exes

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 6

Aside from Scott and Kourtney, things didn’t end up well for the rest of the couples in this photo. To keep the bitter memories at bay, it would be best if the Kardashians kept this photo hidden.

7. Kim a little too shaggy

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 7

Kim is always chic and polished. In this photo however, she has no make-up and her hair appears pretty messy. It is an embarrassing shot that they would like to bury in the closet.

8. Gluttonous Kim

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 8

While pregnant, Kim was eating a little too much, certainly due to the pregnancy. Kim however does not want everybody seeing her drowning tons of food in this embarrassing shot.

9. Scary Kim

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 9

Nobody wants a picture of them looking like this doing rounds on social media. Kim looks scary and would certainly try to avoid being made fun of.

10. Kim’s boob leak

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 10

This is a photo of Kim having a boob leak while on her own show. It is a somewhat disgusting pic, and certainly do not want you to catch a glimpse of it.

11. Kim’s MySpace

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 11

Kim’s MySpace page is well-stacked with some funny contradictions and it all too pink.

12. Kim having fun time

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 12

Even prior to her fame, Kim enjoyed her time in exotic places. In this Photo she is having some fun time in her bikini.

13. Little Kim

Unseen Photos of Kardashians - 13

The picture of Kim as a kid at her party. It is her party and she is free to do anything, including taking tea from a tiny cup.

14. Kim and her family

Kim and her family

This is a photo of Kim hanging out with her family. Seems like they had a feast or something.They are all too casual and probably a reason behind wanting to keep the photo hidden.

15. Fun time

Kim Kardashian before fame

The Kardashians are caught in this photo having some fun time. The way they dance is however worth keeping away from the public.

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