Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty & Breast Implants

Vanessa Marcil is a gorgeous and sexy actress who is also a stunning beauty. At the age of 45, she still looks quite attractive and this led most people into believing that she must have had some cosmetic enhancement procedures done on her.

Comparison of her pictures have also pointed out some differences in her facial appearance. She is believed to have had a nose job (rhinoplasty), face lift and Botox injections and breast implants among other Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery procedures.

Vanessa Marcil Nose Job
Vanessa Marcil


Rumor has it that Vanessa Marcil got a nose job. Rhinoplasty is becoming very common among many Hollywood celebrities. A comparison of her photos of before and after can be used to see whether the rumor is true or not.

From our perspective, we don’t see a difference in her nose from the photos but you can look and judge for yourself. We think that if there is any difference in her nose then maybe it might be as a result of ageing; otherwise we would like to conclude that Vanessa Marcil having a rhinoplasty is just a rumor.

Vanessa Marcil nose job before and after
Vanessa Marcil nose job before and after

Face lift and Botox injections

There have been speculations that Vanessa Marcil might have had a face lift or she might be using Botox injections. From our perspective, we cannot conclude on whether this is true or not since, her face was not wrinkled before, she did not have sagging skin and up to now she still has no signs of wrinkles or sagging skin. But if this rumor is true, then we can only say that she had a perfect combination of a facelift and Botox injections.

Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery before and after
Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery before and after

Breast Implants

This one is quite evident from a comparison of her pictures taken before and her most recent photos. In her most recent pictures, her breasts look bigger, rounder and fuller than before. This confirms all the hype about her getting a boob job. We can all admit that these breast implants have made her look even more sexy and hotter than before.

Whether she did cosmetic enhancement procedures or not, we can all agree that she has still maintained her standards of beauty and grace. We look forward to seeing more of her in our screens. Her plastic surgery was a success because she still looks natural and if anyone meets her now without having seen her before, he or she can never even think that Vanessa has had cosmetic enhancement procedures done on her.

Vanessa Marcil Brast Implants Before and After Photos
Vanessa Marcil Brast Implants Before and After Photos

Vanessa Marcil is a natural beauty and we love her. We just hope she never becomes part of the list of plastic surgery failures. Her looks are quite essential in her career and as long as she makes it look natural, we have nothing against her plastic surgery.

Vanessa Marcil is just one among the many Hollywood celebrities who are turning to Plastic surgery in order to defy the ageing process and also to keep up with the competition in the entertainment industry. For some, their looks are very important for them to reach their career goals.

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