Vanna White Net Worth, Biography and Body Measurements

Vanna White is one of the most reputable stars of Hollywood, and she has attracted the whole world with her outstanding performance and stunning beauty. She is even considered as the best actress and the hostess for the television world. This TV has offered an opportunity to increase Vanna White net worth to 8 million dollars.

Vanna’s family background and early stages of life

Vanna Marie Rosich was born in Conway of South Carolina. She is the daughter of Miguel Rosich and Joan Marie. Her father deserted the family and late Vanna took her stepfather’s name, Herbert Stackley White, who was a real estate agent in South Carolina.

Vanna White net worth 2015

Body statistics of Vanna White:

Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 115 lbs
Measurements of the body: 36C-23-33 in
Size of bra: 36C
Color of hair: Blonde
Color of eye: Light brown
Size of shoe: 9 US
Size of dress: 2
Size of waist size: 23 in
Size of hip: 33 in

Professional life as an actress of USA

Vanna White wheel of fortune
Vanna White wheel of fortune

Vanna White first appeared in 1980 in a game program in The Price Is Right, where she was one of the first four competitors. Although the show failed to offer more cash to Vanna White Net Worth, this gave her several compliments as well as acknowledgement. She was then selected to co-host the show, The Wheel of Fortune, together with Bartholomew and Vicki McCarthy because Susan Stafford did not attend this program.

In 1988, White was chosen to take off a role of Venus in a film- Goddess of Love that was broadcasted on the NBC platform. However, Vanna White’s appearance received mostly negative comments and the periodical TV Guide stated that her performance in the movie was very poor.

White turned out to be the regular hostess of the show on 13th December, 1982 and she has continued as the daytime hostess of the show since that time. White carries on co-hosting the show’s evening version together with Pat Sajak. Therefore, The Wheel of Fortune turned out to be her means to get success and this brought huge amounts of money to the entire net worth of Vanna White.

Then in 1987, White introduced her autobiographical piece known as- Vanna Speak that was titled as a greatest seller. In the same year, Vanna White’s pictures appeared in the magazine- Playboy. The best fact in this context is that the pictures were shot by White’s boyfriend before she appeared in The Wheel of Fortune.

Marital status of Vanna White

White dated John Gibson a famous celebrity, and they finally became engaged. But, in 1986 John died in a plane accident. As White was absent for this mournful event, former hostess Stafford involved in Wheel of Fortune for one week.

Vanna White and John Gibson
Vanna White and John Gibson – Image by © Walter McBride/Corbis

White then married restaurant holder George San Pietro in 1990, but they divorced in 2002. In order to accommodate her marriage, White was again absent from the show Wheel of Fortune for 2 weeks. She became pregnant in 1992, and declared her pregnancy on one episode of the show. But, soon she miscarried. Later she had a son, whose name is Nicholas, and a daughter, whose name is Giovanna. From 2004 to the year 2006, White was engaged to an entrepreneur Michael Kaye.

Vanna White with daughter Giovanna
Vanna White with daughter Giovanna


White litigates the Samsung Electronics Company over its use of a comical advertisement featuring a robot twisting letters on game show. She declared that this company was applying her likeness with no permission. Unbelievably, White won the court case after a number of petitions and was granted $403,000 in the damages. In 2014, she has played roles on more than six thousand episodes of the program Wheel of Fortune.

Royal house and car

Vanna White has a splendid house in USA. This is a huge mansion; however presently it is one of the stunning buildings in the area of Beverely Hills of California.

Vanna White's house
Vanna White’s house

Vanna considers it to be the ideal abode with twinkling sight of Los Angeles. This house covers almost 14,554 square feet and includes eight wonderfully designed bedrooms and ten lavishly made bathrooms. Besides, there are excellent furniture, dual paneled windows and other works of art.

Vanna White Net Worth enables this celebrity to buy a royal car, which reflects a majestic lifestyle. Mercedes Benz GS50 is regarded as an elegant selection for the individual who wishes to manage higher performing vehicle, and this car is owned by Vanna.

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