Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Made Her More Beautiful and Glamorous

Vivica Fox is one of the most popular African-American celebrities in Hollywood. She was popularly known as Vernita Green or Copperhead in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill series.

Vivica Fox after surgery 2015

Other notable films she has appeared in include Independence Day, Batman & Robin, Ella Enchanted, and Juwanna Man. She also appeared in various television series, such as the Celebrity Apprentice Season 7, Living Dolls, and City of Angels.

She has earned various recognitions and awards in the many roles she have tackled in both the big and small screen. Therefore, it is no wonder that her star continues to shine even as she ages. However, like any other celebrities, she has been wrought with controversies and gossips, especially in the area of beauty.

While Vivica Fox is known for talent and beauty, rumors have been rife that she has undergone surgery not only in one, but various parts of her body. Many people begin to wonder why the actress, who has been known as one of the celebrities, who came from a good family background and probably has little or no problem with self-esteem, would resort to surgery to gain confidence.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery photos

Whether it is true or not, this shows the pressure celebrities experience just to stay on top – a kind of pressure that would make them resort to do the unthinkable despite their beauty. That is to undergo plastic surgery or any kind of enhancement just to maintain the beauty.

So what kind of procedures the Vivica Fox plastic surgery include? Experts and critics enumerate the possible procedures the actress has subjected herself to which cause the obvious changes on her face and body. Theories regarding the type of surgeries she had include more than just botox injections, but also include rhinoplasty and breast enhancements.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery gone wrong
Breast implants?

When it comes to her breasts, Vivica might not have the biggest assets but they are not by any means small. In fact, she is one of the actresses who have been gifted with proportionate measurements. However, those measurements seem not satisfactory to the actress because they have appeared to be bigger an fuller just of late.

Another obvious change, according to observers, is her lips which appear fuller and plumpier like her breasts. Comparing her before and after photos, it seems that her lips have become bigger, something that could not have happened on its own.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery before and after
Vivica Fox plastic surgery before and after

As you continue to compare the differences on her latest and previous photographs, there is also a noticeable change on the shape of the actress’s nose. It now looks higher and slimmer than before. Despite the criticisms, however, there is no doubt that the plastic Surgery Vivica Fox has undergone has made her more beautiful and glamorous as ever. No one will doubt that hers was one of the most successful enhancing her looks further.

Although the actress hasn’t publicly admitted to have undergone plastic surgery, she has become a model for a lot of African-American women who wish to go under the knife. Her experience has encouraged many to have Vivica Fox plastic surgery to make them more beautiful.

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