Wendy Williams Hairstyles and Wigs – 25 Hairstyles Photos

When it comes to hair, you can’t challenge Wendy Williams hairstyles because she never refused to try a new hairstyle only because she is a plus size woman. And she is a huge inspiration for women with large breasts.

Her hairdos are not always created with her genuine hair; she makes use of hair wigs a lot. And many times, she has put her wigs for sale.

Wendy Williams' hairstyles with wigs

She loves to call herself a ‘wigologist’ and she says that there is nothing disgraceful when you wear a wig. It is a part of looking fashion forward and interesting. She advises her audience that one should pick only those hairpieces and wigs that best define one’s character and style.

Girls belonging to every ethnicity and skin color can have at least one inspiration for their hairstyle and hair color selection from Wendy’s hairstyles.

Here is her wig from the episode, The Concern For Dancing With The Stars:

Wendy Williams' wig

Another Wendy wearing straight hair goes in the episode Cookie Monsters Xo (This one is from the Wendy’s 1000th episode) –

Wendy Williams long hairstyle

Here is a wig that shows the fun aspect of Wendy’s personality and this is the same wig that she wore in the episode The Not That Serious Wendy:

Wendy Williams hairstyles 2013

Wendy wears long hair wig that is slightly rolled outwards and the black highlights in the otherwise blonde wig create depth:

Wendy Williams new haircut

Women with thick hair can try this look. Heavily mousse coated hair are slightly waved to create volume:

Wendy Williams hairstyles 2012

Here is a chic hairdo picked from the girlish Wendy Williams hairstyles:

Girlish Wendy Williams hairstyles

She calls this wig ‘I’m On Broadway’:

I'm On Broadway wig

And this one is my personal favorite, Wendy calls it the Evening News Anchor Wig. You may also like the Morning News Anchor hairstyle that Wendy wears in this picture:

Wendy Williams Hairstyles

This hairstyle is terrific as it changed the way how a plus size woman appears in a bikini:

Wendy Williams in bikini

In this image, on the right you can see one of the Wendy Williams hairstyles that portray the Morning News Anchor with reduced hair volume and on the left, she wears one of her famous shows ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

Wendy Williams new bob haircut

How stunning she looks when she poses topless for the PETA ad, with this black, blonde, and burgundy wavy hair!

Wendy Williams' PETA Ad

Are you a rock star lover? Here’s Wendy’s version of the Janet Jackson CD Release Party hairstyle.

Wendy Williams curly wigs

Everyone loves bangs so how could Wendy ignore bangs while self proclaiming herself a ‘wigologist’? Here are a few hairdos from her bangs chapter:

Wendy Williams hairdos

Apart from bangs, Wendy Williams hairstyles also inspire us when it comes to updos:

Wendy Williams updos hairstyles

Spiral and loose curls are Wendy’s favorites; looking at below picture will show you how creative she has been with her hair:

Wendy Williams hairstyles - Spiral and loose curls

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