Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

For a TV personality of the stature of Wendy Williams, it has to be said that plastic surgery was almost always in waiting. Indeed, the celebrated talk show host showed up with numerous changes after the birth of her baby and unlike many of her fellow celebrities, she did not seek to hide the truth.

She is even on record as saying that she did not like her full figure which blossomed after delivery and perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the star went on to have a range of plastic surgery procedures.

Breast augmentation

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

This is the most obvious procedure that Wendy Williams did. She must have gone under the knife to have breast implants inserted to improve her overall figure.

Well, she did succeed in getting her cup-size increase but the results are rather awful! This is because the implants increased her cup size in such a disproportionate way that does not resonate well with her entire body structure. Her breasts are simply too large to seem natural and many wonder why she would not have just stuck by her natural boobs which looked so much better.

Liposuction/tummy tuck

Wendy Williams Tummy Tuck
Wendy Williams’ tattoo she got to cover her tummy tuck scar

As if the implants were not enough, Wendy Williams must have felt the need to accentuate her waist by removing some inches from it. Probably, she thought that this would give her a more feminine outlook. Her waist does indeed look smaller after her rumoured liposuction. However, it is not augmenting well with her botched breast augmentation and makes her figure look like that of a totally different person! The two procedures which were meant to complement each other went wrong in a horrifying way!

Facelift and eyebrow lift

There is every indication that the aging TV personality had a facelift to sweep away any signs of aging from her face. Indeed, her face does look a lot tighter than many people can remember. You can hardly spot signs of crow’s feet in any part of her face and this points to a facelift procedure.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery before and after
Wendy Williams then and now

Well, it seems that Wendy’s facelift went a lot more successfully compared to her tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Her eyes have also assumed a more youthful quality with no bags or sagging around them despite her age. This is a clear indication of an eyelift.

Comparably, her face looks younger and more refreshed but this is ruined by the failure of the surgeries that aimed to accentuate her figure.

Cheek implants

Wendy Williams breast implants before and after

Wendy Williams’ cheeks seem to have been fitted with implants to make her cheek bones appear higher. Her before and after pictures can prove this to be true; her cheeks were not as sophisticated or defined as they appear today.


Wendy Williams nose job before and after

Wendy Williams must have had rhinoplasty sometime during her career as well. She had a larger nose than currently and it was not as refined. She must have had her nose made slimmer with its tip made sharper to give her a more striking facial appearance. Her rhinoplasty also seems to have worked as it has not altered the appearance of her face as we remember it.

Botox injections

Having maintained a relatively, wrinkle-free face, there is no denying that Wendy must be the recipient of well-done Botox injections over the years.

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